Soren Kierkegaard and Preaching…

It is a difficult thing to preach. Years of study on the content on top of years of learning public speaking make it out to be a task more than some people may realize. It takes a sincere amount of preparation, theological and philosophical accuracy, as well as balancing logic, emotion and ethics. Again, it [...]

Tumbling Down the Rabbit Hole

I was fortunate enough to have two parents that were educators. As they were raising my brother and I, learning was an important emphasis. Throughout childhood and into teenage years, we also had the benefit of a pastor at our home church who was actively working on his own PhD at Drew University. Combine these [...]

We Are the Pharisees

It is not a difficult statement to make that we tend to see ourselves as the ones in the right, those who already champion others, or what-have-you. What is difficult, however, is to course correct and humbly ask if we have been in the wrong, misunderstand the faith, or what-have-you. It is possible to be [...]

Carpe Noctem

Have you heard this phrase before? Perhaps you know the more common phrase, "carpe diem," which translates as "seize the day." Well, "carpe noctem" is the opposite, "seize the night." Now, before you run off thinking that I am encouraging sleep deprivation, becoming nocturnal, or just all around having a different daily schedule than everyone [...]

Why We All Need Grace

Note: Before you read further, this is exactly the lesson I am learning right now. So I apologize in advance if this seems too "stream of consciousness." This may not seem like a groundbreaking statement, but we all need grace. But, I do not want to fall into the obvious statement of "we need grace [...]

Why We Need Boredom

Photo taken from a fireside evening I had at Delanco Camp. It is not a stretch to say that we are bad at being bored. We hate it. We run from it. We assume something must be done when we have it. We blame others for being it. We fail to recognize the gift and [...]

The Metamorphing Jesus

An Icon of the Transfiguration In the Greek New Testament, we have accounts of the Transfiguration. It is an incredible event, and one that has been intriguing to people since it happened. HOWEVER, the Greek word that is used in those accounts, which we translate as "transfigure" is μεταμορφοω! Transliterated into the English alphabet that [...]