Myself, at a Glance


My name is John Chaffee.  I was trained as a pastor and my goal here is…

To help us dive deeper into life through the teachings of contemplative Christianity, modern developmental frameworks, and finding ways to connect the ancient faith to modern disciplines today.



Ambushed is my podcast.  It is titled as a play off of my nickname “Ambush.”  With it, I hope to provide new thoughts, challenge some perspectives and perhaps entertain with some stories.

This is meant for people who want to listen to something enriching and hopefully entertaining.  I have a number of friends who are atheists, buddhists, and former church attenders who say they have listened to my podcasts and enjoyed them.  If you are looking for a conventional approach to the Christian faith, you may be stretched in a good way by this podcasts.  I say this because by looking back and diving into some of the best works from the saints, mystics and holy fools of the Church, we can actually find that life is far deeper, richer, and wilder than perhaps we have been taught.

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Patreon is a platform in which you are able to support and contribute creative types in their projects and endeavors.  It is my main hub for my creations, and the primary way for you to support or encourage me to keep doing what I am doing.

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